Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Filofax M2 modifications - a few pics and a brief explanation.

In last week's video, I declared my reluctance to "modify" my M2 but I have clearly, and irrevocably, changed my mind. If you haven't seen my Youtube channel, my vids tend to "ramble" and I can imagine viewers urging me to "get to the point", so I'm going to try to add a post, to accompany any video; a kind of online "belt and braces", as we say in the UK.

So, I removed the toggle, and the metal loop to which it was attached, with an old pair of secateurs. One side of the metal loop came off cleanly, but I had to file down the remaining "stump" with a file.  The zip still slides easily.

The A7 card, which I use at both ends of the paper stack, still rests on the zip, but the substantial reduction in profile is now much less of an irritation.

I've also removed the pen loop, but left sufficient leather to avoid cutting into the stitching. A serendipitous feature is that the remaining material keeps the card from moving around too much when the M2 is closed.

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